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Bessa is an inclusive LGBTQ community of all genders, colors, shapes, and sizes who want to safely connect with new and existing friends, family, and others.

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Through posting social media like updates, media, events, and places, you can be proud to share who you are with your community. Through likes, replies, direct messages, and a directory of people, events, and places online and around your area, you can find and build strong relationships within your community. Bessa works hard, through moderation and dangerous content filters, to make it a safe community.

Be Heard! | An LGBTQ Social Media App

Be Heard!

Sharing your LGBTQ pride is now as fun as ever. By sharing updates, images, videos, and audio recordings, you can express yourself to the ones you love and make new queer friends as well.

Make New Friends | An LGBTQ Social Media App

Make New Friends

Networking is a huge part of building queer community. Find LGBTQ members with shared interests near you and make queer friends, connections, and maybe more. Chat, upload a selfie, update your profile, and add flair to join the fun!

Find a Community | An LGBTQ Social Media App

Find a Community

Events can be a great way to find and involve yourself in LGBTQ communities. Find anything from groups, volunteer opportunities, or just fun things to do and meet new people at.

Discover your Neighborhood | An LGBTQ Social Media App

Discover your Neighborhood

Find and support the best parts of your community. Use the map to find user-vetted, safe, and inclusive LGBTQ businesses, organizations, and resources around you.

Build a Following | An LGBTQ Social Media App

Build a Following

Share your LGBTQ thoughts, ideas, and other good stuff through updates, images, videos, and even audio to an LGBTQ audience and build a following of LGBTQ fans.

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